3 days march

$7.00 USD



Add this item to your cart to add tracking to your shipping for international orders. Please read the explanations below carefully and select the correct option. Please note that if you select the wrong option I may not be able to apply tracking to your order.

If your order contains washi tape: adding tracking costs an extra $7USD.
* If your order is a domestic one (i.e. within Australia), then parcel shipments for tape already come with tracking by default and you don't need this.

If your order contains ONLY books, prints or pins: as the default shipping method for books/prints/pins is under letter pricing, adding tracking will require an upgrade to parcel status and therefore costs an extra $13USD for international orders and $5USD for domestic (Australia) orders.

A) Your international order contains 1 print, 2 pins and 1 roll of tape. You should choose the $7 option.
B) Your international order contains 1 book, 1 print, 1 pin and nothing else. You should choose the $13 option.